21 of our fave podcasts in 2021

I've almost alway got a podcast in my ears when doing something mundane or simply going for a walk. Here are 21 of my fave podcasts for 2021. It's an eclectic mix of mostly female-led stories, self awareness and business advice. Find them by searching for their name in your podcast app or Spotify. Where noted, it's an exclusive to a particular platform.

In case you missed them, scroll on down for links to podcast episodes I've been interviewed on this year. 

21 of our fave podcasts in 2021

  1. Mamamia Outloud with Mia Freedman, Holly Wainwright and Jessie Stephens
  2. What are you wearing with Tamara Davis and Deni Todorovic
  3. Forty with Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills
  4. Inner Circle with Lise and Sarah
  5. Powerful Stories with Tory Archbold
  6. Shameless with Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald
  7. Lady Startup Stories with Shazzy Hunt
  8. The Politics of Everything with Amber Daines
  9. Separate Bathrooms with Ali and Cameron Daddo
  10. Don't Give a Fifty with Melinda Salmond and Trish Gordon
  11. No Filter with Mia Freedman
  12. You Beauty with Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren
  13. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown
  14. The BODcast with April Helene-Horton
  15. Ageless by Rescu with Bahar Etminan
  16. Ideas Girl podcast with Elizabeth Abegg
  17. Something To Talk About with Samantha Armytage
  18. Get Merry with Emma and Carla Papas
  19. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day
  20. The Lotco Business with Melissa Robbins
  21. Ecommerce Brand Builders with Chelsea Berman

Podcast episodes I've been interviewed on in 2021

  1. What are you Wearing
  2. Powerful Stories 
  3. The Politics of Everything
  4. Inner Circle
  5. Don't Give A Fifty
  6. Ageless by Rescu
  7. Self Love