A little message of positivity! 🌟

Whenever you open an email from me in these trying times, I hope you can feel the little burst of positivity I'm hoping to send you. I also know that, for many of you, talking about clothes might seem a little strange right now. And that's ok. If you feel you don't want to hear from me during these times, I will absolutely not be offended if you unsubscribe and come back when the world has righted itself again.

The tilt we're experiencing right now is massive and I want to let you know what we're doing here to keep our team safe and for us to continue operating so that we are still around afterwards.

1. We've closed our showroom to the public for your safety and ours.
2. We have set up our now-reduced team to work remotely and have a quarantined space at our showroom for sending out our online orders.
3. We are now, more than ever before, doing the biggest of dances every time a customer places an order with us. (It isn't pretty! I've warned my son that I might go on TikTok.)

I know that where you spend your money right now is a privilege. What I ask, is that if you are spending, buying things for yourself or others that you look to small, independent businesses first. I know it's a big ask but doing so could be the difference between those businesses being around after this is all over or not.

For us, the show must go on. We have more new releases coming your way this Sunday, March 29 at 7pm AEST. You'll be able to preview everything this weekend but in the meantime we're sharing videos on Instagram all week. You can catch up HERE ... scroll on for more gorgeous inspiration from our models.
Nikki x
Jo wearing our Cate shirt in Sage with Rylee midi skirt in Safari
Kim wearing our Cate technical shirt in sage with our Rylee midi skirt in Safari
Susan wearing our Danielle technical shirt dress in Raspberry
Karen wearing our Danielle technical shirt dress in Raspberry
Sonia wearing our new Sally Safari button down shirt with our matching Rylee midi skirt in Safari
Stacey wearing our Sally safari button down shirt tucked into our Rylee safari midi skirt with a black belt to create the look of a dress.
Images captured by Kate Luke (@katelukephotography)
Our gorgeous models are BecKimSoniaBrookeKarenNikkiSusanJayanitaStaceyJo and Jess
Shoes kindly provided by FRANKi4 footwearBags by ArticleBon Maxie and jewellery by Uber Kate.
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