A message from our founder, Nikki.

Your inboxes and social media feeds are filled to the brim with marketing around what’s become a massive deal here in Australia - the Black Friday sales. I thought I’d share with you a little perspective from our small business. 

We don’t buy huge quantities of stock with the aim of off-loading that excess during these frenzied discount periods. We also don’t over-inflate our full retail prices to “build in” a future discount. We create and sell quality, ethically Australian-made pieces in smaller quantities so as to minimise our part in fashion’s global oversupply and waste problem. 

We want you to shop consciously with us with the confidence that the piece you buy today will not go on sale the following day or week. We also reward our customers with a loyalty program where you can earn points towards a future purchase discount.

Yes, we host sales from time to time but it’s never on our core range that we will re-order. Sometimes we get our “guess-timates” on quantities wrong when planning so far in advance and that’s when you might find an item on sale or in our Outlet. And yes, we’ll have an offer on this weekend but it’s not and never will be a blanket discount across our full range. 

We also want you to shop mindfully for clothes - with us and with other brands. I ask that you avoid getting caught up in the frenzy of buying things just because they’re “on sale”. Remember, it’s not a bargain if it’s not something you’ll use and love for more than one wear. 

And, please, if you can shop small this Christmas, channel your budget to these businesses. More often than not there are incredible, hard-working women pouring their heart and soul into their products. Every purchase makes a difference to them, their suppliers, their makers and their contractors. 




Asinate and Nikki wearing our pretty in peach collection

(Asinate wears our Kim technical blouse in peach (restocking soon) with our Nadia linen shorts in peach. Nikki wears our Carol puff sleeve dress in peach check).