A note about the way we size our clothes

Our bestselling core basic wardrobe pieces are now available in sizes 6-20, with more summer styles landing in those sizes in October. Our new spring-summer collections will only be in sizes 8-18, with the aim of having all our pieces in sizes 6-20 from 2022.

When I started the Styling You blog 13 years ago, it was born out of my love of all things fashion but also a frustration at an industry that seemingly didn't want me a part of it. I was not only in my 40s (SO old!), I'd been a size 14-16 my entire adult, fashion-buying life. I didn't feel seen in any way shape or form but I LOVED clothes. I loved how I could choose to dress, not only for a situation or an occasion, but for my mood on any given day. Put simply, I could express myself through what I was wearing.

My obsession with clothes meant I wasn't afraid to play and try different styles, despite not seeing anyone in magazines who looked like me. From working with everyday women in real life and building a community online, I realised that not everyone had the same confidence to "play" with their style.

This realisation became the cornerstone of my mission with Styling You and now Styling You The Label. I want you to not only feel seen but I want you to have the confidence to try something you otherwise wouldn't. Part of Styling You The Label's mission has always been to extend our sizing. Originally we were told that we'd have to add on six sizes to do that, something that really wasn't something our start-up could afford. About this time last year, our manufacturers told us that we could extend with just two sizes. This was so exciting to me as it was do-able from a financial situation but it would also help fill the first of the sizing gaps in our collections.

Something you might not know about our sizing is that it starts with our design process. We do things a little differently. The samples which are sent to us for approval are made to fit me, a busty, curvy size 12-14. This is vastly different from most other fashion labels, which will start their patterning on a non-curvy size 6-8 and just run the sizes up from there. Because we start with curves, when we size the pattern down and up, the curves are built in. Our shapes not only accommodate your curves, they celebrate them. What this also means that our sizing might seem "generous" to you, simply because we've accommodated a natural, curvy shape.

By adding in a size 6 to our size range, we're meeting the demand we've seen for a more petite curvy shape, women who have found our size 8 too overwhelming. The addition of our size 20 meets the demand for women who are a size 20-22 and have found our 18s not quite right in fit.

This is not the end. It's just the second chapter for our label. We want to be able to extend our sizing further - and offer it across all our collections, not just our best-selling basics. With your support we can do that. Share the news with anyone who, up until now, hasn't been able to wear our label. And if we're still not accommodating you, your friends or family members with our new size range, we want to hear from you. Please email shop@stylingyou.com.au to state your case (and your size).


Click the Fit tab on each of our products to match your measurements to each of our models. Still need help, get in contact. We're here to help.


Styling You The Label size 6-20; model wearing size 20 Alexa tee in black

Jess wears our size 20 pieces

Styling You The Label model Jasmine Hunt models size 6

Jasmine wears our size 6 pieces