As seen on: @ilovethatskirt

Surround yourself with smart, positive people, I say. And Bec (aka @ilovethatskirt) fits that bill to a tee. I first met Bec through the #everydaystyle community on Instagram and discovered she worked in her day job as an occupational therapist just down the road from me. By discovered, I mean we both got caught out shopping near her office in our lunch breaks.

I love following Bec's Instagram Story wardrobe reveals and her dedication to the early alarm for F45. She doesn't mind a long lunch and a glass or two of Champagne either. 

Bec is one of the Styling You The Label models but she's also one of our biggest customers. She wear it all so well but we love how she's made the Kym Flutter dress perfect for work with the addition of a leopard belt, pumps and monogrammed tote.

This corporate-y look is just one of Bec's style personalities. She's a mum to two-year-old Ali, so she knows how to work a stylish but practical mum outfit. She also likes to release her inner boho queen out from time to time - particularly if it involves a new Spell piece.

Styling You The Label as seen on @ilovethatskirt