How to wear pink!

Back in the day when I was a 20-something trying to crack into the world of magazines in Sydney, I was interviewing for a job a Dolly. As part of the interview I had to write the cover line (headline) for an upcoming fashion editorial piece that featured pink. I didn't get the job but the cover line I came up with - "Pink Power" - did make it into the next issue.

I could have gone with "Pretty in Pink" but back then, like now, I like to see the power in wearing a bold colour such as bright pink or raspberry. You see, it's impossible not to smile when you add even one piece to an outfit. It's an instant pick-me-up and that, my dear Stylers, is its power.

Our raspberry technical pieces sold out super quickly when we launched but they've been topped up, so now is the time to grab what you missed. Our Paris pink Kirsten cape is also low in stock - it's the ultimate statement outfit finisher!

Wear pink back with navy, gingham, white, denim or black ... however you wear it, do it knowing you'll stand a little taller that day.

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