How to wear pink!

Back in the day when I was a 20-something trying to crack into the world of magazines in Sydney, I was interviewing for a job a Dolly. As part of the interview I had to write the cover line (headline) for an upcoming fashion editorial piece that featured pink. I didn't get the job but the cover line I came up with - "Pink Power" - did make it into the next issue.

I could have gone with "Pretty in Pink" but back then, like now, I like to see the power in wearing a bold colour such as bright pink or raspberry. You see, it's impossible not to smile when you add even one piece to an outfit. It's an instant pick-me-up and that, my dear Stylers, is its power.

Wear pink back with navy, gingham, white, denim or black ... however you wear it, do it knowing you'll stand a little taller that day.

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