Heading back to the office?

Do you have a "new normal" happening this week? Kids back to school? Heading back to the office, even if just for a day or two? I admit that I'm trying to get my head about the new routine of it all. I welcome it, yes, but after two months of adjusting to working from home, it's going to take some re-adjusting. Baby steps, I say. I also say it's ok to be kind on yourself.

When it comes to remembering what you wore to the office, that too might involve a little pre-planning before you start the week. The seasons have changed and you might have changed a little or a lot too. My hot tip: spend some time tonight going through your wardrobe, putting together some outfit combinations so that that's one less thing to wrap your head around this week.

For me, it will be all about embracing the blazer to help me transition to the office. My base pieces will be similar to those which I've worn at home this past eight weeks but on top, I'll mean business with one of our best-selling Kerryn blazers. Scroll on for some inspiration.

Nikki xoxo

PS. In the SYTL Sisters Facebook group, I've asked if you have any SYTL outfit combinations you'd like me to model and share. They could be new pieces or combinations of new and old. Hit me up in the group. I'm going to start sharing some of the combinations this week.

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Stacey wearing our Rylee safari skirt, Sally safari shirt with our Kerryn blazer in black over her shoulder.


Kim wearing our black Kerryn blazer over our Deborah satin skirt and Sally safari shirt.

Verified reviews of our Kerryn blazer

Karen wearing our Kerryn blazer in vintage rose over our Chantelle dress

Jo wearing our Kerryn blazer in vintage rose safari over a black tee shirt and jeans

Verified reviews of our Kerryn blazer

Brooke wearing our Kerryn blazer in blush over our casual Melissa Safari pants

Bec wearing our Kerryn blazer in blush over a white tee and black suzie ponte pants








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