Layer upon layer upon layer

Getting dressed in winter is a bit like Sara Lee's 1980s danish delights - layer-upon-layer-upon-layer. Layers are essential because they keep you warm. But my big thing about layering is that you need to really think about your base layer when building your winter outfit.

Why? It's possible that you'll need to de-layer right down to that base layer at any given point of the day. This isn't just something that happens in Queensland 😂, it's something that might happen to you as you go from outside to inside, particularly into a heated workspace, home or venue.

Our long-sleeve layering pieces - keep scrolling to check them out - will not only serve you well in providing a degree of warmth (note, they're not wool or thermals), you'll be confident in the knowledge that should you take off the layers, they'll still look The Business.


Brooke Falvey in our Carolyn stripe tee

Shop our Carolyn black and white long-sleeve tee HERE


Shop our Courtney bamboo long-sleeve tee HERE


Karen in our Michelle BN long-sleeve stripe tee

Shop our Karen blush and navy long-sleeve tee HERE


Carolyn striped tee Ilovethatskirt and Jess Heading

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Images captured by Kate Luke (@katelukephotography)
Our gorgeous models are Bec, Brooke, Karen, Nikki, Stacey and Jess
Shoes kindly provided by FRANKi4 footwearBags by Article and jewellery by Nicole Fendel and Adorne
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