Our April 2022 Love List

This is the best of what we've watched, read and listened in April 2022. Save this post when you're next looking for something to fill your spare time.


Downton Abbey: A New Era (in cinemas): What a glorious catch up with old friends this was. We laughed, we cried, we got lost in the pomp and wit that we've long loved about Downton. Adding in a slice of the south of France just made it all the more fabulous. 

Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix): It's been a while since I've binged a series in one night but that's what we did with this one. Granted, it was only six episodes but still ... we simply could not stop. It's based on a novel of the same name (which I hadn't read) and stars Sienna Miller and Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery in a political drama only the British can do so well. Side note: like so many, I'm obsessing over Sienna's character's wardrobe. Understated neutral chic doesn't get any better (this article is a good breakdown of the key looks). I'm here for it!

I Want You Back (Amazon Prime): This was the light-hearted rom com we were looking for one Friday night and it ticked the boxes. Total strangers meet and realise they were dumped on the same weekend. In helping each other try and split up their ex-partners from their new partners, you can all guess what happens. 

The First Lady (Paramount Plus): I've just started this one and I'm ready for the weekly drip-feed. Three incredible women - Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gillian Anderson - play three incredible First Ladies from America's history. It's politics but through the eyes of the women who didn't sign up to be in politics.


The Mother by Jane Caro: I was hooked on this thriller from the first chapter. At times I found the main character, the mother, infuriating but she redeems herself in her fight to help and support her daughter. Not shying away from the topics that we need to keep talking about, the author shows us the level of pain, agony and stress that comes with toxic, abusive and coercively controlled relationships.

The No-Show by Beth O’Leary: I'm a huge fan of O'Leary's novels. Yes, the characters are generally much younger than me but the way she paints her characters hooks you in. This novel centres around one man and three women - women the one man is dating. At. The. Same. Time. It's at times humorous and full of life and at others, heartbreaking. I loved.


Now You're Asking podcast: I originally subscribed to this podcast just to listen to Marian Keyes' lyrical voice. I've stayed because listening to Marian and co-host Tara Flynn dish out life advice and answers to real questions is beyond wholesome and heartwarming.

Essentially You podcast: This is a podcast I've been listening to for some time and have probably mentioned before. If you're in your peri and menopausal years, there are have been a couple of really useful episodes of late - particularly with managing your lifestyle during these years. Have a listen to this episode.