Our face masks!

The world is a very different place than it was last year. Who knew that masks would become a part of our wardrobes and a mainstay of our handbags?

There have been quite a few requests for masks made featuring our signature prints - and I'm so here for that kind of matchy-matchy situation!

So, we had a chat to our fabulous manufacturers and they've been able to create these limited edition masks from the off-cuts of garments we have coming out later this season.

Please note these masks are not considered medical grade. We recommend washing before wearing. Masks cannot be returned.

Nikki x

Nikki in our Gingham print face Mask

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Nikki in our Animal Print Face Mask

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Nikki in our Safari Print Face Mask

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If you already planned a perfect weekend at the beach, then you better check out this stunning collection of women’s swimsuits and bikinis for summer at our Nova Swimwear store. We have the swimwear for everyone boys jammers, swimwear for girls, mens jammer, racing swimwear and super cool one piece swimwear, high-necks and scuba inspired designs. You don’t have to worry about swimwear fit this summer, as we are here to make your summer memorable we got great styles that will flatter every body’s shape. We provide 100% customer satisfaction.
Is finding new swimwear an easy task?
When someone said that “buying a swimwear for girls or men is a piece of cake” then that person must be joking, if we just talk about the girls then they have different types of body like pear shaped, curvy, athletic ladies with large or small bust. If we look back few years ago it was a real disaster in finding an appropriate bathing suit especially or he women case. Thanks to modern technologies and globalization, you can buy whatever and whenever we want by using our online swimwear Australia service. There are plenty of exciting and modern swimsuit styles to choose from. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try cut-out swimsuits, one piece, chlorine resistance etc. because GUYS SUMMWER IS HERE!
Swimwear for summer:
This season when you try on last year’s swimsuits and realize you need a few fresh ones! And you be feel like no matter how many cute suits you buy the year prior, you always in need of a couple new styles by the time summer rolls around, because every year there are the thousands of design are coming out every summer season and we think you must know the new design that are trending in the market right now. There are always new trends and styles to try, and this year, the best swimwear sale 2020 have a lot going on. To help you navigate which suits are worthy to our body and which you can skip, Nova swimwear will help you to picks the best ladies swimwear for the season.
When the summer is on the way there are tons of girls swimwear sale online as well as on the different shopping malls. Every summer all-round the Australia millions of swimsuits get sold. Every tailor with swing knowledge can make a swimwear but, making a swimwear that you can actually goanna used for swimming in the pool or beach that is my friend is another level thing. While making the swimwear there are multiple fact that you must keep in mind in order to make a very good and long lasting swimwear. Some of the factor are given below:
Must be chlorine proof:
The most important and core factor that you must keep in mind that “swimsuit must be chlorine Resistance” because the swimwear is going to spend its most of the time in water that contain cleaning agents like chlorine so you suite fabric must be chlorine resistant swimwear and not be damaged from that kind of chemicals so it can last long if the material used in your suite is not well then your jammer or swimwear will lost its color and shape which will be very disappointing for you. So make sure that you pick the best quality swimwear for your summer.

Do not lose its original shape and color:
A swimwear must be not to tight and not too lose because if it is too tight it will make you very uncomfortable and it will lose it will drag you down and make you slow during the swimming. Some swimwear lose its fit after couple of wash and its color will fade away. That is the sign of low quality fabric so if you’re thinking about getting a competition swimwear then the fitting of you suite must be perfect and according to your body otherwise you suite will not help you boost it will slow you down so pick you suite more carefully.
Suite that fits with our body:
You pick a swimwear and it fit perfectly to your body it is not less than a miracle. If we talk about girls they have different body shape. If you’re going to shop for the girls swimwear then you must look all the aspect like it should be chlorine proof, and it will not lose it shape and color and last but not least it’s fitting should be according to your body, otherwise the swimming suite can be a disaster make you feel embarrassment so it’s the important to choice it carefully.
One-piece swimwear are back and better than ever. The style was once synonymous with hiding your body, but modern versions of these all-rounders are all about showing off your finest assets to their fashionable best. Every woman should have at least one one-piece in her collection, so she can wear it without any confusion and you can also use it for last moment plans.
Are you thinking ahead of getting summer outfits that involve some new additions to your closet, naturally, swimsuits are the first item that comes on your mind when thinking of sunny weather, but what, exactly, are the swimwear trends to know about for 2020? There is a wide range of new girls swimwear, ladies swimwear, one piece swimwear and knee length swimwear in the colors and designs mostly in the 2020 the digital printing suits are famous among women’s men’s and kids equally. Whether you wear it by the water or in the city, a swimsuit is a fashionable piece in its own right, and right in line with seasonal trends.
As the new season comes it brings new fashion trends also. The one perfect swimsuit can make you feel super confident, but if you live in the Australia, you might want to buy the Australian swimwear including one piece swimwear, and jammers for men’s and boys that fit into a few of the summer swimsuit trends. These swimsuits will be out in the market so be the first one to get the latest trending swimwear.
There are many things in there for everybody, with bright colors and unique designs for those who like to stand out and darker solids in more traditional cuts for those who like to quietly relax by the beach or pool without drawing attention.
Nobody wants to be left behind in the summer want to have fun around the pool and beaches. In order to keep clean the pool water people add chlorine in the pool to keep the germs away form the pool. In Australia manufacture of the swimwear industry upgrade and maintain their reputation to keep by producing a new quality of chlorine resistance swimwear. Chlorine can damage the elastic fabric. It causes a reduction in the life span of fabric shape as well as quality. On the other hand, chlorine resistant swimsuit is made of a proposition of polyester fabric and it helps you to repel the side effects of chlorine exposure. Extra polyester helps your swimwear from damage so it remains in its original shape for a long time. They are durable and possess good elasticity features. It will be painful for swimmers that their swimwear color fades away. But polyester fabric protects the colors as it resists chlorine reaction. They are also better in quality if you compare it with an economic swimsuit or swimsuit from your nearby shop. Be aware about purchasing a swimsuit from local garment shops who have no idea about Swim parka or any kind of swimwear. It is hard for them to offer a good quality of products for long-lasting durability because they are not selling the good quality product. Your swimwear initial cost might be high when you think that you are investing in chlorine resisting swimsuit that compares out by the reason that your swimwear will be durable in quality, color, and shape. It takes much longer to reach a condition to be replaced. Your leisure time of swimming never gets disrupted by the tension of damaging the swimsuit.
So, pick a best swimwear from our swimwear sales get our self-ready for the summer fun! Visit our summer sale on our online store and get your suite:

Swimwear Sale December 08, 2020

As far as we know, some women’s people prefer bikinis to one piece swimsuit. And they think one piece swimsuit is an old fashioned. But there are serious benefits to change your favorite bikinis for a one piece swimsuit. Following are some great benefits of the one piece Swimsuits.
1. When you about to swimming in public swimming pool, one piece swimsuit can cover your body more and protect the skin from chlorinated water. And provide you great coverage of your skin.

2. You do not have to be worried about the straps fall down when you’re doing swimming or do some water sports on the beach.

3. The core fractured of the one piece is it make your belly looks flat so, you will feel confident and our body looks slim.

4. It’s compatible for almost all breast size.

5. You can wear it all day long, and also match it with your favorite skirts or shorts, you can hang around the pool and can swim any time. But with the fancy bikini you can just hang around the pool.

6. It will also help to cover the scar or stretch marks. Some people have the large size birth marks which is not appropriate so it will help you to hide them.

7. It makes you special, unique and charming among of the friends who wear bikinis.

8. If you’re curvy then it perfectly outlines your body curve.

9. One piece swimsuit could be hot and sexy! You can find dozens of designs with low fronts or backs, strapless or katzoot zipper back you can pick the design of your own choice.

If you’re looking for better-looking alternatives to traditional athletic suits that still perform well, one piece swimwear generally “fit well, and they’re a little bit more comfortable and more stylish.
Swimsuits are different according to different occasions, like if you just want to hang on the pool or beach then a stylish bikini is best, if you want to swim a little and play on the beach then one piece is the best for you because it give you the space to move and if you’re planning to compete in a race or swim meet, you’ll want to look into buying a competition swimwear or racing swimsuit. It will be much tighter, a little less fashionable and covers more of your body to compress the muscles during a race, to help you glide through the water effortlessly. But these kind of training swimwear are more expensive than common swimming suits, so it’s important to find one that works for you.
Racing suits were once pricey styles only worn by elite athletes, but Cuoci says “there has been a growing segment of midrange suits that are good for racing but also comfortable for training” for training one piece suites are the best, because bikini expose the very large part of your body and they are not made for competition o racing girls racing swimwear are special, because they are for specific purpose.
To get you racing swimwear visit the site below:

One piece swimsuits December 08, 2020

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