Styling You The Label X Cass Deller

The Styling You The Label autumn-winter 2022 collection features a stunning, limited edition rust paisley print created by Sunshine Coast artist, Cass Deller. 


Close up of the Styling You The Label X Cass Deller rust paisley print design

We wanted to find out a little bit more about Cass and the story behind creating this hand-painted design.

Where do you live?

On the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

How does living there influence the work that you do?

Living on the Sunshine Coast has such a massive influence on my design
work. I grew up in Brisbane, however we holidayed in Noosa every summer for
three weeks before school started back. Those memories are so fond, and is
really where my passion for art and colour came from. When we moved to the
Coast nine years ago, my work really flourished as I felt as though I was back
in my natural surroundings and truly inspired everyday.

How would you describe your art style?

I would sum up my style as coastal, feminine, joyful, free and natural.

I'm at a dinner party and you're seated opposite me, how would you describe who you are what you do?

Oh I love this question, because I'm at a dinner party and I actually get
time to explain what it is I do. If you said we were in a lift, I would
tell you I'm a mum and a designer and then move on, it's too hard to
explain, HAH. BUT because we are at a dinner party I'd tell you that I am
a mum of two beautiful kids (6 and 2) and my husband runs his own business
First Batch Coffee Roasters, so we are a busy family. I am an artist and
designer and have a Surface Pattern Design business where I hand paint
designs for brands as well as teach online. Then I'd go on to explain how
exactly surface design works, HAH, it's always a fascinating topic.

Who would you hope is at the dinner party with you?

I'd have to have my husband there, because we rarely get to go out without the kids these days, and it sounds like a fun dinner party, HAH. I'd also have my two best girlfriends there as they are so much fun to be around and being a busy mum I never get the chance to just hang out!

What does a typical work/life day look like for you?

My weeks are really separated into either a work day or a mum day. On
Monday, Tuesday and Friday I drop my daughter to daycare and then my son to
school, and I'm home to my studio by 9am when I really get super focused. I
check my emails first, reply to anything urgent and then dive straight into
any designing or painting that I need to do. At the moment much of my day
is refining my course material or interviewing guests for my students in my
Surface Pattern Design Course. My day is definitely a juggle between my
course and my clients, but I love both. I always finish the day at around
3pm, ready to spend the afternoon with my family. If I have to paint at
night time after the kids are in bed, I will. I actually love working at
night, it's the most peaceful time of the day for me. Bedtime is usually
around 10pm, although lately I've been pushing that out. Every other day of
the week is a mum day, which I just spend with my family and
completely switch off from work.

What was the inspiration behind the paisley print you created that's now part of our autumn-winter 2022 collection?

It's hard to explain, because sometimes I am in the "mood (or energy) to
paint in a detailed way, and sometimes I'm in the mood to paint in a really
abstract way. On the day I painted this print I had a bit more time to
dedicate to my practice, and I had the time to really explore this design.
I've always loved paisley prints, however I never felt like my style was
right for that kind of design so I wanted to approach this in a way that
felt right for me. My natural painting style with watercolour is quite
loose, so I wanted to bring that vibe to a traditionally detailed and
refined print. I used the traditional paisley shape as inspiration, and
then I just ventured off from there, creating unique shapes as I went. I
thoroughly enjoyed bringing this pattern to life, I hope it translates
through to your beautiful customers who wear it.

Sunshine Coast watercolour artist and surface pattern designer Cass Deller