The Love List: August 6, 2021

Here's what we're loving this week.

From style hacks, to podcasts, books, movies/tv shows and small businesses, there is always something new to discover. 

The love list grid

1. Rackmagic Rack - We are loving our Rack magic rack - a foldable clothes rack that is not only functional, it looks great too!

2. Separate Bathrooms podcast - Cameron Daddo, alongside his wife Alison, chat about the journey of their 30 year marriage. They chat about the highs, the lows, and all of the lessons learnt in-between. 

3. People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd She has an easy life - but makes a living from pretending otherwise. She has a husband who hates the spotlight - but can't step away. She has a million followers who adore her - but one who wants her to suffer. She hasn't realised her family is in danger yet - but she will.

4. Why we need to talk more about menopause and peri menopause - Join Nikki as she discusses peri-menopause - a topic that is talked about by few but affects many. 

5. The Last Letter From Your Lover on Netflix - Based on a Jojo Moyes novel, The Last Letter from Your Lover depicts a journalist who sets out to solve the mystery of a secret affair after finding a trove of love letters from the 1960s. 

See you next week with more recommendations... For now enjoy! 


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