The Love List: November 26, 2021

Here's what we're loving this week.

From style hacks, to podcasts, books, movies/tv shows and small businesses, there is always something new to discover. 

 The love list tile. Please see below for description

1. What colours to wear with green with @bycaitlinannneCaitlin show us which colours go best with green in this style hack. What's your favourite colour combo – white, pink, navy, blue, orange or green?

2. Ageless Podcast by Bahar Etminan - In her recent podcast Bahar Etminan interviews Nikki where they talk about dressing for your attitude not your age.

3. Nat'v Basics - We can't get enough of Nat'v Basics here at SYTL. They are hands down the best, most comfortable, breathable and seam free underwear - and a lady startup.

4. Love and Virtue by Diana Reid - Michaela and Eve are two bright, bold women who befriend each other their first year at a residential college at university, where they live in adjacent rooms. Something happens one night in O-week – a drunken encounter, a foggy memory that will force them to confront the realities of consent and wrestle with the dynamics of power.

5. The Great - Season 2 has started on Stan - A young Catherine the Great comes to Russia to get married to Peter III of Russia but finds herself embroiled in a world of dogmatic beliefs and customs, which she tries to alter.

See you next week with more recommendations... For now enjoy! 


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