✈️ Your travel capsule wardrobe starts here!

 If you've been following Styling You for some time, you'd know that I'm a reformed packer (I've even written an e-book about it). I still like having lots of options when I travel but I've embraced the concept of a travel capsule wardrobe so that I can get more options from fewer pieces.
And that's where Styling You The Label pieces come in. Our pieces are designed to work back with each other, to be easy care and to not take up much space in your suitcase. So far this year we've seen SYTL travel everywhere from Croatia to Cambodia and Cairns, with our customers telling us just how easy we've made it for them.
Nikki x 
How to pack overlay
Nikki holds up Jodie denim jacket
Nikki demonstrating how to roll garments
Nikki with her Zurii brown leather weekend bag