Meet the model: Jasmine Hunt

Say hell to the gorgeous Jasmine from @prettychuffed ... Jasmine is also the Styling You community manager and has modelled for our online store for a couple of years now. She thought she'd escape this gig, being 7 months' pregnant and all, but no, I wasn't having that. I loved seeing Jasmine wear our first collection, demonstrating the versatility of what SYTL is all about.⠀

Meet the model: Jasmine Hunt

Age: 33⠀

Occupation: Work-at-home mum and blogger ⠀

What did you want to be when you grew up? A writer, or a photographer. When I was 7 I wanted to be a dentist though - not sure what that was about. ⠀

What would we find most of in your wardrobe? Dresses, by the plenty! And shorts. 

Sequins or leopard print? BOTH! Ok, leopard - it’s so easy to wear and the print hides stains from grubby little toddler fingers. ⠀

Handbags or shoes? Shoes. And clutches. HAH. ⠀

Earrings or arm candy? Earrings, love them, addicted to them. Always need more and such an easy way to update your look. ⠀

Sex And the City or Seinfeld? Friends. Haha. Ok Seinfeld, I was too young for Sex and the City when it first came out and by the time I got around to watching it years later, it was a bit dated. ⠀

Michael Jackson or Daryl Braithwaite? Look I love Dazza but MJ is the KING. ⠀

Pretty Woman or Top Gun? PRETTY WOMAN by far. One of my all time faves ever. The opening song ‘King of Wishful Thinking’ - Iconic. ⠀

Bubbles or cocktails? Bubbles, I drink cocktails too fast. (But at the moment, mocktails. And they’re actually pretty good.)