We get a lot of questions about our signature fabric. We produce the majority of our pieces in this Australian-made fabric because of its luxe, breathable feel on the skin but easy-care and no-iron ways. The fabric is also the ultimate dress-up/dress-down fabric - a technical outfit can look as good casually as it does for the office or a night out. Our core collection includes technical wardrobe basics in black, white and navy. Each season we also introduce a limited edition colour.


What is technical fabric?
It's a lightweight, synthetic fabric that has been woven to mimic the feel and look of silk. The big bonus is that it can easily be washed and doesn't require ironing.
Is it breathable?
Yes. It's moisture-wicking, which means it draws any sweat away from the skin and doesn't allow it to get stuck between your skin and the fabric. We've tried and tested it in 45 degree dry heat and we've had customers swear by it in hot/humid travel conditions in Cambodia.
How do you wash and care for it?
This is the clincher. It's stain resistant, so if you're a food magnet like me, simply wipe off any spills during the day. To wash, pop in a cold gentle machine cycle or throw in a lingerie bag and pop in a regular cold wash. If travelling, hand wash in a sink, hang up to dry. These pieces dry in next to no time. No ironing or steaming is required.
Why do you recommend this fabric for the everyday and travel?
The luxe look and feel of the fabric makes you feel a little dressed up if you need to be but still appropriate and versatile should you want to dress casually. For travel, the easy-care and lightweight factors mean that the pieces take up next to no room in your suitcase. Plus, we've designed our collections to mix and match so you have an instant capsule wardrobe.

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Styling You The Label technical Cameo top and Maria pant