Hi, I’m Nikki Parkinson. I've worn lots of hats in my adult working life - from journalist to full-time professional blogger, social media influencer and author. Now I get to design clothes for women just like me, women who want clothes that not only fit but feel comfortable to wear.

I still write over at Styling You, sharing everything from which jeans are on trend, to the beauty products I'm using, how I'm dealing with menopause and where I'm travelling to (ahh, travel ... one day).

Styling You was born in 2008 when I said goodbye to a 20-year journalism career. In my latter years as a journo I’d successfully managed to nudge the title “fashion and beauty editor” into my job description and I also edited the newspaper’s Saturday glossy magazine.

You can read more about my story HERE.

Styling You The Label's Nikki Parkinson