When the idea of starting a fashion label was just that, an idea, we made a conscious decision to do things a little differently.

The difference you do see is in the way we market our clothes. We're the first brand to photograph on every size that we sell. Plus, we don't just pay lip service to diversity. Our campaigns feature women of different ages, colour, ability and beliefs. 

What you don't see is just as important. We absolutely do not want to contribute to the global glut of fashion which contributes to tonnes of waste every year. We produce considered collections in small quantities, made in Australia to last. 

Getting those quantities spot on is a guessing game - one that we might not always get right. Orders are made a minimum of six months in advance. The past two-plus years has proven it's impossible to guess what the world will be doing six months in advance. 

We realised early on that we'd need policies and procedures in place to manage when that guessing game ends with an excess of stock. 

We want our customers to create a considered wardrobe that's based on quality, non-boring, Australia-made basics. By choosing to manufacture in Australia, we're not only supporting Australian workers and their families, those people are paid a fair wage and work under legal conditions. Our carbon footprint when it comes to freight is reduced because our stock is transported within Australia - between Sydney and Brisbane. 

Our fabrics are manufactured overseas and distributed by Australian fabric suppliers who only work with ethical businesses. 

Other processes we've implemented to reduce our environmental impact include:

1. Repairing faulty items instead of sending them to landfill.
2. Making sure our clothes find their forever home by:
3. Using compostable packaging where possible - we are slowly transitioning to plastic free.
We are far from perfect but please know we continually look at ways we can improve on what we're doing. If you ever have any concerns or ideas, please reach out to us via email.