Meet the Model: Brooke Falvey

It's a big Styling You The Label welcome to the uber-gorgeous Brooke (@what_brooke_wore). Brooke stepped in as our size 10 model for Jasmine, who was on maternity leave at the time of our shoot. 
Styling You The Label Jane animal print dress
Age: 36
Occupation:  writer/storyteller
What did you want to be when you grew up?
My short attention span/Gemini brain meant it was always changing—a primary school teacher; a travel show host; magazine editor; a tour guide; Jana Wendt. I was accepted to study Law when I was in my early 20s, but when push came to shove, I decided writing and journalism were where my heart lay and I’m so glad I stayed with it. 
What would we find most of in your wardrobe?
Stripes. I adore striped t-shirts and I’m constantly ordering new ones so my collection isn’t what you’d call small. 
Sequins or leopard print? 
I’ll take all the sequins in all the colours, please.
Handbags or shoes? 
Shoes! I always forget to put my bags in my #everydaystyle photos!
Earrings or arm candy? 
Arm candy - preferably in the form of a handsome man but I’ll also take bangles.
Sex And the City or Seinfeld? 
That’s a no brainer. It’s always been Sex and the City (and that was even before I was dubbed "Queensland's answer to Carrie Bradshaw")
Michael Jackson or Daryl Braithwaite?
Daryl and I will always be riding on The Horses, yeah yeah.
Pretty Woman or Top Gun? 
Pretty Woman (I can recite most lines)
Bubbles or cocktails?
Cocktails. Ideally a passionfruit mojito.