Meet The Model: Jayanita Pathman

Jayanita (aka @colour_my_world_happy) is one of the world's most beautiful souls - inside and out. I first met Jayanita in person when she modelled for us on Studio 10 but we'd "known" each other for years, thanks to the #everydaystyle community. For our spring-summer 2019 collection, Jayanita represents our size 14 ladies. And I must say she does it so well.

Jayanita MTM

Age? 43 

Occupation? Career change this year - Human Resources Adviser turned Community Services student. Hopefully work for a not-for-profit or government agency in the near future.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A Disco Dancer (what can I say, I’m a true blue 80s kid) Failing that, being an Astronaut would’ve been cool too.

What would we find most of in your wardrobe? Wearable art prints - on my dresses, T-shirt’s, scarves, bags etc - mainly by local artists or unique pieces gathered while travelling. 

Sequins or leopard? Both! They are neutrals and wardrobe staples.

Handbags or shoes? I’m a totes bag lady

Earrings or arm candy? Standout earrings in unique designs as my ears are always covered

Jayanita MTM

Sex and the city or Seinfeld? Used to watch both, but loved Sex and the City - the idea of my own Carrie Bradshaw style apartment and life.

Michael Jackson or Daryl Braithwaite? One Summer by Daryl Braithwaite sums up the kind of music I loved growing up.

Pretty Woman or Top Gun? Top Gun. I love fighter planes - the speed, sound, flying precision and skill, etc. Plus I had a huge crush on Tom Cruise back then.

Bubbles or cocktails? Cocktails any day

Jayanita MTM

What's your favourite thing about SYTL? Care factor for all the things and more in terms of what I would actually want in my clothes and how it’s actually presented to me. 

Why is diverse representation in fashion important to you? Fashion is for everyone.  Make and market what we wear everyday to reflect and create a more inclusive society.

What are three SYTL pieces you would recommend? I would highly recommend getting yourself the Maria technical pants. It was a surprise hit as I hadn’t worn split pants before. A was also a perfect alternative to skirts and shorts and the fabric softness was amazing on my skin, The waist band was dig free. 

Cate technical shirt had the same effect. Easy wash and wear, no ironing, versatile for work, travel, casual or even evening wear. 

Rachael technical Cami - This is my first Cami -  I can finally wear one without having to buy a strapless bra! The fabric and cut is very chic and and totally lifts my outfit. 

Jayanita MTM

Images captured by Kate Luke (@katelukephotography)
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Shoes kindly provided by FRANKi4 footwearBags by ArticleBon Maxie and jewellery by Nicole Fendel and Adorne
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