Meet the model: Sonia

Sonia wearing our black Alexa tee

What's your age? 31

What's your occupation? A compliance officer at a stockbroking firm.

What did you want to be when you grew up? All I wanted to be and do is to help people smile and bring out the best in others.

What would we find most of in your wardrobe? Honestly, all sorts of things- Mostly pants and shoes.

Sequins or leopard? Leopard

Handbags or shoes? Shoes

Earrings or arm candy? Earrings

Sex and the city or Seinfeld? sex and the city

Michael Jackson or Daryl Braithwaite? Michael Jackson

Pretty Woman or Top Gun? Pretty woman

Bubbles or cocktails? Cocktails

What's your favourite thing about SYTL? I really like the variety in their pieces - Comfy, stylish and inclusive.


Sonia dancing in our white Margaux jeans and Raspberry Cate technical shirt


Why is diverse representation in fashion important to you?  

Diversity and inclusion in fashion are very important, as it cultivates and fosters open-mindedness. This helping people understand that there are different kinds of women in all shades of colour and sizes who also represent a different kind of beauty with something new to add to the industry.

What made you take a stand and start talking about diversity in fashion?

For me, representation matters. I believe it’s time to change the narrative on how people see and define beauty and fashion.  We have been accustomed to seeing the usual (we know that already) when the world is constantly changing.  For example, Australia is a multicultural country and it's time we see different cultures being represented in the fashion industry.  I started to represent my culture- I am a proud Sierra Leonean/Australian, and to inspire others, especially girls growing up ‘black’ in Australia to embrace their kind of beauty and not to feel isolated by what they usually see on TV.  Also, just doing my bit in making the industry more interesting and personally enriching for everyone. Like we usually hear and say variety keeps life more interesting.

What are your three favourite SYTL pieces?
I really love the Nikki Sequin Tee (I'm currently over-using it), every piece with the new print and the black silky skirt (coming soon). 
Images captured by Kate Luke (@katelukephotography)
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Shoes kindly provided by FRANKi4 footwearBags by ArticleBon Maxie and jewellery by Nicole Fendel and Adorne
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