Meet the model: Stacey Macgregor

Say hello to @stace_mcgregs. Stace has modelled for me for the past year and I just love the energy she brings - not only to our shoot days but to every time we get to hang out over #chipsandwine

Stace McGreg wearing styling you the label waving to the camera

Age: 33 ⠀

Occupation: curve model/influencer ⠀

What did you want to be when you grew up? A flower, but I was two, and my aspirations widened in my latter years ... I wanted to be the weather girl (I still want this job today). She was always so glamorous and would have witty banter with the main news anchors. I also went through a stage of wanting to be a flight attendant as I was mesmerised by them confidently strutting through the airport with their perfect hair, matching luggage and squad goals. ⠀

What would we find most of in your wardrobe? Colour, fun prints and wrap dresses in every colour of the rainbow ... and a lot of scarves and accessories, oh and a little dog. ⠀

What's your favourite thing about SYTL? The pieces are designed by women for women, and I love the pieces are shown on everyday women (I may be biased considering I’m one of them).

Why is diverse representation in fashion important to you? Particularly when shopping online, I want to see the clothes on women who look like me.  It's always like hitting a goldmine when I land on an online retailer whose model measurements are really similar to mine.  

What SYTL pieces would you highly recommend? The Jodie denim jacket is a favourite and my most worn piece.  The collarless jacket is so streamline when paired with feminine dresses.  I also love the blazer, the pop of leopard makes this such a modern piece and the Stacey dress… cause she’s named after me. 

*Stacey dress and Kerryn blazer no longer available*

Sequins or leopard print? Sequins, no leopard, wait ... sequinned leopard print!⠀

Handbags or shoes? Handbags filled with shoes. (I’m cheating now aren’t I?)⠀

Earrings or arm candy? Earrings⠀

Sex And the City or Seinfeld? Sex and the City. ⠀

Michael Jackson or Daryl Braithwaite? Michael Jackson.⠀

Pretty Woman or Top Gun? Pretty Woman.⠀

Bubbles or cocktails? Espresso Martinis!⠀