New charity tee supports Sober in the Country

I first met Shanna at Channel Country Ladies Day weekend in 2019 and was blown away by her energy and her commitment to supporting men and women in rural and remote Australia.

Sober in the Country is a national charity based on grassroots education and a social awareness campaign that it's ''OK2SAYNO'' - to either cut back or say no booze if that is the choice of an individual. Their core aim is to shift what is traditionally a culture in which rural men and women are identified by their ability to drink and create a far healthier and inclusive culture.

Shanna Whan is the creator, founder, and now CEO of Sober in the Country Ltd. She describes herself as just ''a regular girl from the country'' with a bit of a story that's actually "ridiculously common to many".

Shanna overcame her battle with alcohol addiction five years ago and decided to risk it all to "be the change" she saw as desperately overdue in the rural space

Her unshakable vision is now a reality. She not only walks the talk, she's created a safe online community for men and women to come together and join the conversation while reducing or quitting alcohol.

Shanna says she doesn't want to demonise alcohol, she just wants it to be ok for men and women to be able to say no to a beer or wine without judgement.

I want to support Shanna's vision in a small way by donating the proceeds of our new charity tee to Sober in the Country.

The slogan "limited edition" is a reminder to us all that we're unique - we are a limited edition - and we should honour that every day. We have a limited number of these embroidered slogan organic cotton tees for sale.

Our the Shanna "Limited Edition" slogan tee will be available from Sunday, March 29, 7pm AEST.