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My book - Unlock Your Style - will take you through a step-by-step process to finding confidence through your style.

It starts with our mindset. It’s not about dressing for a certain age. It’s not about waiting for the next 5kg. It’s about feeling good right now. Today

I shares my style stories – perms, scrunchies and taffeta frocks are very much up for discussion.

And I give you concrete advice and help on how to edit your wardrobe so it works for you, how to shop for clothes that you’ll actually wear and feel fabulous in and how to gain that all-important change-room confidence with every purchase.

On the beauty front, I dish out skincare, makeup and hair tips – all with a busy woman in mind. We don’t have time for fuss but we want to feel pretty damn good.

Unlock Your Style is not about bombarding you with so-called style rules. It’s about helping you feel confident in your style choices – because when you feel confidence in those choices you can face whatever that throws at you.

This is a book for a girlfriend, a sister, your mum – any woman in your life who is looking for a boost.

**All copies of Unlock Your Style bought through the Styling You Shop will be signed by me.**

Styling You The Label is available in sizes 8-18, with a growing number of pieces available in sizes 6-20. We're a label cut on a curvy size 12 and then sized up and down from there, so whether you're a size 6 or 20, our designs are cut to accommodate the curves of your bust, hips and tummy. This might make our pieces seem generous but that's because most labels are cut on a non-curvy size 6 or 8, which doesn't necessarily allow for a comfortable fit for most women.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work out what size you are in Styling You The Label. That's why we photographed our pieces on each size we're stocking. We've also included each model's measurements as well as each garment's measurements on each product listing.

Click the Fit tab on each product to get specific details about what each of our model is wearing and whether she's size up, down or stayed in her regular size. If your measurements match hers then you'll have a better understanding of your size in that garment.

Whenever you're shopping for clothes online, it's a good idea to keep your tape measure handy and have your own measurements written down somewhere (maybe in the Notes on your phone) so you can easily look them up and compare them with that listed on our product pages. 

We're here to help you have the best online shopping experience you've ever had. Email, call, message or chat with us and we'll respond during business hours (8am-3pm Monday-Friday).


Sizing page


Our models

Our models are mostly wearing the size they'd normally wear in Styling You The Label; there are a few variations on this but they are included on each product listing. It may not necessarily mean that you size up or down accordingly as it may be because of the shape of the garment and that model's individual size.

Jasmine our size 6 model

Jasmine (usually wears size 6 or 8). She is 158cm tall. Her bra size is 12C (90cm); waist 73cm; hips 91cm. 

Lisa cox size 8 model.

Lisa (usually wears size 6 or 8). She is 177cm tall. Her bra size is 12B (87cm); waist 76 cm; hips 85 cm.

Kim wearing our Alexa tee in black

Kim (usually wears size 8). She is 164cm tall. Her bra size is 14C (89cm); waist 75cm; hips 87cm.

Bec wearing our Barbara jumpsuit

Bec (usually wears size 8). She is 167cm tall. Her bra size is 12B (87cm); waist 81cm; hips 93cm. 

Sonia wearing our Alexa tee in white
Sonia (usually wears size 8). She is 164cm tall. Her bra size is 14B (84cm); waist 82cm; hip 114cm.

Brooke wearing our Cate technical shirt in white

Brooke (usually wears size 8/10). She is 163cm tall. Her bra size is 14D (99 cm); waist 79.5cm, hip 96cm.

Faaiza wearing our Karen jacket

Faaiza (usually wears size 10). She is 156cm tall. Her bra size is 12GDD (94cm); waist 80cm; hip 104cm.

Karen wearing our Alexa tee in white

Karen (usually wears size 12). She is 161.5cm tall. Her bra size is 12G (107cm); waist 86 cm; hip 103cm.

Nikki wearing our Cate technical shirt in black

Nikki (usually wears size 12). She is 166cm tall. Her bra size is 16C (104cm); waist 91 cm; hip 109cm.

Susan wearing our Alexa tee in white

Susan (usually wears size 14). She is 174cm tall. Her bra size is 36D(107cm); waist 98cm; hip 110cm.

Jayanita wearing our Rachael cami in navy

Jayanita (usually wears size 14). She is 161cm tall. Her bra size is 16F/G (108cm); waist 103cm; hip 108cm.

Jan our size 16 model.

Jan (usually wears size 14/16). She is 171cm tall. Her bra size is 14D (109 cm); waist 107 cm; hip 114 cm.

Stacey size 16

Stacey (usually wears size 16). She is 179cm tall. Her bra size is 16DD (109 cm); waist 95cm; hip 118cm.

Jo wearing our Rachael technical cami navy

Jo (usually wears size 18). She is 169cm tall. Her bra size is 18F (120cm); waist 105 cm; hip 130 cm.


Asinate (usually wears size 18). She is 176cm tall. Her bra size is 18DD (118cm); waist 102cm; hip 136cm.Jess our size 20 model

Jess (usually wears size 20). She is 180cm tall. Her bra size is 18E (121cm); waist 108cm; hip 132cm.

Please email shop@stylingyou.com.au if you'd like more information about sizing on our garments. 

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